You may think that you don’t need to worry about cutting agents, after all they’re mostly harmless substitutes right? Wrong. Unfortunately many of the adulterants you will find in drugs can be incredibly harmful, and unsurprisingly they can vary for each different kind of drug. Making them nearly impossible to predict without help. Using Ez Test kits can help you find these substances before it is too late, as simply visually checking over a drug for any usual signs will commonly not help since many agents are put in to replicate the physical feel or effects of the drug. Cocaine is one of the many drugs out there commonly affected by these adulterants, but are you aware of what they actually are and what they could do to your body if you stumble across them?


Lidocaine is a commonly used anaesthetic in the UK and is also used in various other medical remedies such as throat sprays. Within medical facilities it is usually found in liquid form and used in small non harmful doses. When found in cocaine it usually appears as a white powder and can mimic the effects that come from cocaine such as numbness. But mixed with cocaine it can become toxic and in doses higher than recommended it can affect the central nervous system. It is important to know if this drug is used as a cutting agent in any substance you have in your possession, as it can do damage to your overall health and well being.


Levamisole is a very common cutting agent for cocaine and is commonly used as an anti parasitic medicine for dogs and is a popular livestock wormer. Even used as an anti parasite for fish. It can cause great damage to the immune system and highers the risk of developing cardiovascular toxicity. It is hugely important to test your substances for this drug as it can lead to devastating long term affects to your body and overall health.


Ketamine is a common drug alone as well as a cutting agent. Commonly used by vets as an animal tranquilliser, it can have harsh effects on the body with consistent use. Tolerance levels for the two drugs when used together are shown to increase rapidly, so could lead to you craving more of the substance initially used. The dangers of ketamine on the body can include increased anxiety while using, an increase in the likelihood of bad trips due to the differences between both substances and possible effects on the nervous and respiratory system. So it is incredibly important to test your substances for this adulterant before use.