Cathinone & MDMA  - National issues

Over the last few weeks, there have been several incidents across the UK relating to MDMA

Within the  Midlands, some Cathinones have been recovered, which include Chloroethcathinone (CEC) & Clhoromethcathinone (CMC) and mixed with alpha-Pyrrolidinoxiophenone (a-PHP), also known as FLAKKA.

These seem to be the main cutting agents for MDMA/sold as MDMA crystals or pills.

This mixture is usually a pale yellow or an off-white crystal.

In the North, there have been tests done on ecstasy pills labelled as “Domino.” They’re brown/beige in colour, and the main ingredient is 4CMC.

Observed effects so far are: foaming at the mouth, an inability to speak 90mins or more, and loss of consciousness. Other effects observed include people screaming and shouting erratically.

As the nighttime economy recovers, there has also been an increase in “spiking.” This is nothing new, but it seems more prevalent over the past few weeks.  There have been several reports in the media of late.

Sheffield couple spiked on night out warn 'it can happen to anybody' | The Star

Girl, 18, has seizures for four hours after drink is ‘spiked’ in club | Metro News

So, how do you stay safe? It’s fair enough you’re looking to go out and let your hair down – we all feel it. If you’re going to score, then buy and from a source you’ve bought from before. If you’ve got a dealer you trust, then stick with it.

Avoid trying to score in a nightclub or at a pub. Anyone walking up and down whispering “pills and coke” is someone to ignore. If you can’t get from a trusted source, your best bet is to go without. It’s much better safe than sorry right now.

The truth is, at the moment, no one really knows what’s in those pills or that powder. The normal ports and routes of import have all be closed for the last year. There are a lot of substitutes being mixed in, and this is extremely dangerous.

Avoid Being Spiked

If someone is intent on spiking you, they’ll find a way. There are some horrible people in this world, desperate to take advantage of others.

To keep yourself and others safe:

- Never leave your drink unattended. If you’re in a group, take it in turns to watch the drinks if you’re leaving them on a table.

- Drink from a bottle rather than a glass, that way, you can see it being opened by the bartender, and you can keep your thumb on it when passing through a crowd.

- If you take a sip and it tastes off, then ditch it and get another one. It’s not worth the risk.

- Be aware of “hangers-on.” An individual or group of people who keep hanging around you. If someone is making you uncomfortable, then alert the staff or a bouncer.

- If in doubt, speak to the staff. They do not want spiking in their establishment. 

Be safe, and enjoy yourself.