The possibility of having a bad experience on drugs is always there, no matter how many times someone has taken a substance or how many different ones they have tried. For this reason it is important for people who decide to use a substance to stay in the company of someone who can help them out if things start to go wrong. Doing this could not only save them from a large amount of physical harm, but also from a possible fatality should things go incredibly wrong. But what exactly can you do for someone who you see having a bad experience on drugs?

Remove alcohol
If you are in an environment with access to alcohol it is important that you try and keep them away from it at all costs. This is because the reaction between alcohol and many drugs tends to make the effects of a substance worse for the person under the influence. Every experience they would have on a substance is likely to be amplified once alcohol is introduced and their moods could be just as easily effected. If they have already consumed alcohol try and keep them away from drinking any more and be sure to keep an even closer eye on them for any warning signs of potential physical harm.

Stay calm
Remember that worrying about them is normal, but if they see you scared it is likely to worry them even more. Try your best to stay calm in front of them and be a firm guiding hand through their experience. Telling them where they need to be by guiding them to a quite and calm area where there are less things for them to worry about and making sure they sit down and stay safe whatever they are trying to go off and do by themselves. Do anything you need to to keep them calm and check while they are still they aren't showing signs of dehydration, if they are try getting them to sip some water. Be aware of any other potential problems they make experience as keep them as safe as you possibly can.

Keep them informed
It is important to not forget the high possibility that your friend may be incredibly scared and will still understand the things you are telling them. Take the time while they are still to remind them why they are feeling they way they are. Tell them what they took sand inform them of anything they mixed it with. If they are still feeling scared or overly agitated softly remind them that these effects are going to wear off and their current experience is only temporary, encourage them to stop fighting against the feelings they are having as it could result in them becoming more scared when the effects still don't wear off straight away. Let them breathe and keep them calm by reinforcing the temporary nature of their situation.