Many are aware of the dangers that drugs pose, whether they choose to ignore them or not. Using them comes with a risk of short term or long term bodily harm that could affect the user greatly. On top of this there is also the dangers of drugs being cut with dangerous substances that are sometimes worse than the original drugs themselves in order to be produced at a cheaper rate or to be distributed further. Luckily many of the adulterants used to cut many drugs can be identified with kits such as our testing kits. Unfortunately however, cut drugs are not the only dangerous state drugs can come in, they can also be just as fatal when fully pure.

When a drug is of a higher purity, it simply means that there is a higher concentration of the drug within the substance. Although rare recently, incredibly high purity drugs are becoming nearly as common as cut drugs. This higher purity means that a normal dose would be much more potent than usual, but there would be no way to determine whether this higher purity is present. Which means potentially doing more harm to the body with an amount of a drug that someone would usually take. The higher the purity of a drug the higher risk of an overdose when users are unsure of an amount to take or have gotten used to a dosage size of a lower purity, as they would take the same amount assuming it would be the same.

High purity also increases the risks involved with each individual drug other than overdose, such as cardiac issues with cocaine or nerve damages with ecstasy. Avoiding large intakes of high purity substances is key, so if a you test a drug that shows clear for adulterants be sure to stay weary. Start with low, smaller doses than normal and work up to higher ones when effects have been properly observed. If a more intense feeling than normal is experienced it could be an indication that taking a usual size does may not be an advisable option. Stay safe from adulterants and high doses of drugs by always testing and a;ways starting low.