A trend that is becoming increasingly more popular as time goes on, with many people talking about its positive effects, but what exactly is microdosing? Put simply it is the act of routinely taking a minuscule amount of a psychedelic such as LSD or Mushrooms, usually a dosage of around a tenth of a normal size. Most commonly taken on a schedule of every fourth day, leaving the days in between as sober ones and evaluating or appreciating its effects during this time. As this routine increases in popularity it is being used in both recreational and scientific environments. Many recreationally use to experience the subtle benefits it offers to the functioning of their everyday lives, commonly starting their day with a dose every four days. Whilst researchers use it to be able to study the effects that these drugs have on a person in these kinds of controlled doses, attempting to decipher the genuine benefits and any risks of using psychedelics in this way.

Many may think a dose so small could not possibly do enough to be worthwhile or even noticeable, but many are claiming to experience benefits to their lives they possibly never knew they needed. Some of the effects observed have been higher levels of creativity, allowing people to cope with their daily workload easier and improving their concentration allowing them to get more done when in a working environment. Many have even claimed that they experience a boost in energy whilst microdosing, saying it makes them feel like being more active as they have more stamina either to go through their day or push that little bit further in their workout routines, improving their coordination and in some cases their strength levels. One notable effect is a noted improvement in relationship building skills, as people say they are finding themselves with the ability to create stronger bonds with the people around them with a more accepting nature and even mention it has benefits for those suffering with depression, which due to recent studies in the effect of psychedelics on things such as anxiety and depression itself may not be too hard to believe.

You may now be thinking that microdosing sounds great, it will lift your mood, help with things you cannot control and make you better at your job. But can you be sure it will really work that way for you? Currently due to too small amounts of research the dangers of this trend are unknown and with no previous medical use to refer to there is nothing to compare against for guidelines on safety. Many people claim to have experienced amazing benefits from it, but everyone reacts to psychedelics differently so other people's experiences cannot be taken as fact. It is worth considering whether the unknown side effects and illegal status of these drugs is worth it.