It has become widespread knowledge that marijuana has properties that can be used by the medical profession to treat things such as chronic pain, seizure disorders or weight loss and nerve pain. However, new studies (whether real or fake) are now identifying some illegal drugs as possible medications, but do the public feel okay with this?

With Magic Mushrooms and Ketamine both being looked into as an aid for depression, Ecstasy for help with PTSD and LSD the help treatment of alcoholism an argument has risen as to whether more illegal drugs should really be introduced into the everyday community.

Whether these drugs should also be legalised or even trailed for medical use is a sizeable argument currently. While some people fear that allowing drug use for these kinds of treatment is simply ignoring bad side effects of the drugs to normalise their use and treat something else in the process, claiming people are using a positive to push the drugs to be legalised for any use.

Others argue that drugs are only as dangerous as you make them, stating that when used under medical supervision and guidelines they are less likely to cause harm, as dosages and methods of administration would be supervised and even changed to minimise or get rid of risky side effects completely.

Whether these substances can really be used to treat these illnesses is still under speculation, and whether administration without causing current known health damaging effects of these drugs is possible even more so.

As with the argument over medical marijuana use, this is more than likely an argument that is going to span over an incredibly long period of time. The opinion of the public maybe hugely divided on this subject, but if it becomes a real debate, there is no clear direction it will end up taking.