For most people at least once in their life they have been told ‘just say no’ when it comes to drugs. With countless articles, books and websites stating that drugs are bad and nothing else beside their negative side effects all genuine information on drugs is lost, and some people feel this lack of information is more dangerous than drugs themselves.

It is pretty clear from the fact that there are existing drug related death and accident statistics that the ‘just say no’ approach to drugs is not working. There are countless amounts of proof that drug use is still at a high rate within the community and whether it rises or falls it shows no signs of stopping.

What is worrying however is the high amount of actual accidental drug deaths, a lot of which happen because the user is not sure of what they are doing. It's easy to through friends or online resources to find a place to obtain a substance. But what is not easy to find is advice on safe dosages or strength, there is shockingly little mentioned surrounding the fact that strength of drugs vary, and quite commonly most people are not aware of this fact. This results in people taking what they have been told is a ‘safe dosage’ and overdosing as a result, as they were not fully informed that that ‘safe dose’ at too high a purity is incredibly fatal.

A need for education on drugs is being called for, even if not verbally. Drug use is not promoted, and in no way labelled as safe, but risks can be largely reduced with a little education. Such as articles or blogs being created about strength variations, safer, smaller dosages, what effects are a sign enough has already been taken, why not to take more if side effects don't kick in at the desired speed and most importantly how people can keep themselves safe if they truly intend on taking these substances.

Unfortunately as higher authority and media are reluctant to share this information in the fear of promoting drugs, it is up to the public to write this information and truthfully advise and help each other as much as they can.