‘Overdose’ deaths are on the rise and it’s a wide known fact that drugs are a huge problem, in nearly every country, town or city in the world, there are endless news articles, help lines and statistics such as the ones below, announcing that drugs are everywhere and an issue.

http://bit.ly/2cPQ1eC http://dsorg.us/1KCHent http://bit.ly/2cPTk5s

But is the issue that people are taking drugs, or that there is no guarantee on what they are taking?

Most people, including us here at Eztest, believe that the harm doesn’t lie within drugs, but rather within the lack of knowledge surrounding them, sources for information are scarce and places of supply are rarely discussed, resulting in most people buying various drugs from people they have never met, and have no reason to trust. There are plenty of suggestions that laws preventing drug use themselves are the reason for the deaths surrounding the topic, claiming that by casting a shadow over drug use and making it an illegal practice limits the amount of places people can go and openly discuss drugs, limits the amount of testing areas people can go to and check the legitimacy of their substances before use and disables their rights when their ‘dealer’ sells them fakes or drugs cracked with other life threatening substances.

Luckily for some, there are methods in which some of the harm within drug use can be reduced, some countries are building centres where people can go to take drugs safely, always with someone within the vicinity for supervision if assistance should ever be needed, there are programmes that promote drug safety that you can join or are willing to help people, whether its suffering from after effects of drugs or simply looking for advice, and finally there are a range of home testing kits that can be delivered straight to your door to help decipher what the contents of your drug are, when regarding purity, to ensure that you never take any drug that is cut or laced with another life threatening substance.

Eztest in no way promote drug use, but we are aware of the scale of usage across the globe and make our biggest priority safety rather than prevention as we feel we can be more help there, for any uncertainty regarding drug purity and contents head over to http://www.eztestkits.com and order your test kit today.