Are you forever in need of a small storage container? What about a pill crusher?

Well look no further! Eztest kits have an amazing promotional offer just for you, right now!

Here at Eztest kits we know once you’ve bought everything you need adding that little extra expense for another handy item can seem like a tiny step too far and is simply not inviting. That is why decided to do something for you.

Spend over £30, yes, just £30! with us and receive a FREE pill crusher that also acts as a storage compartment, courtesy of us. Our gift to you crushes pills, crystals and compressed powders, everything you could ask for in a pill crusher. Best of all, when you're done you can store the crushed items inside!

To be sure you don’t miss out on this amazing offer all you have to do is continue your order as normal. Any of our products can be used to build up this tiny total, so you can buy your usual items including products such as test kits and scales. Once you are done shopping simply ensure your final order has a total of over £30 then click 'select your gift' above the items in your basket, selecting the pill crusher option will mean your free gift will be on its way to you along with your intended purchase.

Order total of £30 cannot include tax, and total in other currencies must account to an equivalent of this amount such as, 35 Euros, 2.400 RUS.