Anyone know if there are going to be sniffer dogs at this weekend’s festival?

This is a common question asked leading up to any music, dance or young community festival, in reality all or most festivals have sniffer dogs and pat down checks as you enter, everyone is aware of them and they are frequently asked about before an upcoming event, usually by people asking whether it’s safe to bring drugs into that particular event without detection. But usually most people hide their drugs and risk detection for the sake of a good time, and a lot of the time it seems to work.

When drugs are in fact found by dogs or staff found, as long as it’s a reasonable amount of a substance, meaning its passable as being intended for personal use only, they will simply confiscate it and allow you to continue you way into the festival. However, with the low rates of found drugs widely reported by these detection systems, and all the stories and experiences of people being on drugs at these kinds of festivals, is it really safe to be confiscating someone’s drugs to then send them into a festival that is blatantly still full of unknown substances brought in by people who better concealed their stash?

That question we ask because most people who enter a festival will be offered to buy drugs at some point, most commonly by a stranger who they know nothing about and will never see again and if you’ve just had your drugs confiscated at the gate, now you’re in why wouldn’t you buy more?

This is where the danger tends to come in, because who can actually know whether what their buying from this stranger is legitimate? With no testing kits allowed to be purchased or testing stands allowed to be opened because of anti-drug policies and precautions no one has any way of knowing what they are buying and therefore no way of knowing if what they are about to be taking is safe to ingest. The only way of checking what you buy inside these festivals is if you pre-buy a testing kit from the likes of, the reality is however that if you are taking previously bought drugs into a festival you aren’t going to be thinking about buying more, and therefore will more than likely not be attending prepared with a discreet test kit to hand, so once your drugs are confiscated you have no other choice.

Unfortunately, with most festivals banning drug use they tend to ban any drug related products also, so if you need a test kit, there will be none for sale or use anywhere throughout the festival, and you will more than likely not be able to walk into a grounds with one in hand as they will see this as you planning to take drugs, or you partaking in condoning drugs and giving the impression they are okay to take, meaning your test as well as any drugs, will also be confiscated. So unless you plan on buying an kit, which is small and discreet and have somewhere to hide it safely without detection, any drugs that are inevitably going to be taken by festival goers that weekend will more than likely be unknown, adulterated substances.

So our question is, what does the general public think? Is it safer to have sniffer dogs and continue the approach to cut out drugs completely when found, or is it time for a new approach with relaxed rules and laws, allowing the public to be fully informed and aware of what they are putting into their bodies if they are really so adamant to take it?