Friday, March 31st, sees the return of International Drug Checking Day, marking the seventh consecutive year of the event, which started in 2017. Since its inaugural year, the day has been set aside on the calendar to raise awareness of the potential harms of drug use and to promote initiatives aimed at reducing harms associated with the misuse of drugs. Furthermore, the day aims to spread awareness of worldwide drug checking and testing services and organisations.

What Is Drug Checking?

The goal of International Drug Checking Day is ultimately to promote the practice of safe drug checking and help the public better understand the dangers of drug use but to increase public access to services aimed at reducing the suffering caused by drug abuse. Drug checking, also known as pill testing, analyses a drug sample to determine its composition, purity and potency. This information can help people who use drugs to make safer and more informed decisions about their substance use, to avoid harmful substances, and adjust their dosages.

About The Event

The event is coordinated by a diverse group of over sixteen worldwide organisations dedicated to promoting drug safety, and previous years' events have included massive giveaways, Reddit AMAs, and YouTube videos, all aimed at spreading the word. The day raises awareness about drug testing, drug checking, and testing public knowledge about drugs and the dangers involved in using drugs. Alongside educating the public, the event hopes to help governmental associations find solutions to the drug problems faced by their citizens.

Drug Testing Reagents

Launched in 2017 by the team behind Reagent Testing, International Drug Checking Day is part of a broader movement focused on harm reduction in response to the many failed policies of global drug prohibition. Drug Testing Reagents are chemical solutions that change in colour when applied to a chemical compound and can help identify the presence of other chemicals in a given sample. The Reagent kits can identify chemicals present in a wide range of street drugs, including MDMA, cocaine, methamphetamines, methadone and ecstasy.

The Reagent Testing movement was born from, while the organising body defines their objective as “not only the testing of substances but also hope to remind people to test their knowledge about drugs and their effects.” Members of the coalition behind Drug Checking Day have stated their focus is as much on recreational drug users as it is on dependent individuals. 

What To Expect On International Drug Checking Day

International Drug Checking Day is celebrated through various events and activities, including educational workshops, outreach campaigns, and advocacy efforts. Previous year's events have included Reddit AMAs, YouTube seminars and online giveaways.

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